Located just outside of Harrisonburg, Virginia, Thunderbird Cafe offers a colorful, rustic yet urban atmosphere with a bit of funk. Although we're in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, our menu is influenced by Down South Cuisine. We offer the following breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

BREAKFAST • Monday - Friday : 8 am - 8 pm
Saturday : 7 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 7 am - 3 pm

LUNCH & DINNER • everyday 11 - close

Two eggs cooked your way & served with a housemade buttermilk biscuit or white, wheat, or rye toast.

BACON & EGGS : two slices of thick cut bacon with your choice of redskin potatos or Wade's Mill grits $6.99
COUNTRY SAUSAGE & EGGS : housemade sausage with your choice of redskin potatos or Wade's Mills grits $6.99
TURNER COUNTY HAM & EGGS : local Turner country ham with your choice of redskin potatos or Wade's Mills grits $9.99
Our omelets are made from three fresh cracked eggs & served with your choice of fried redskin potatoes  or Wade's Mill grits & a housemade buttermilk biscuit or white, wheat, or rye toast.

STEAKHOUSE : steak + peppers & onions + cheddar $9.99
ROUTE 33 : portabella mushrooms + smoked gouda $8.99
ROCKINGHAM : housemade country sausage + cheddar $8.99
FARMER'S MARKET : peppers & onions + tomatoes + cheddar $8.99
SOUTHWESTERN : house-cured ham + pepper & onions + cheddar $8.99
POPEYE: spinach + tomatoes + smoked gouda $8.99

black bean salsa • cheddar cheese • crumbled bacon • diced tomatoes
house-cured ham • pepperjack cheese • portabella mushrooms
sauteed peppers & onions • smoked gouda cheese • swiss cheese

Two of our housemade buttermilk griddle cakes are stuffed with your favorite ingredient and topped with cinnamon whipped cream.

PLAIN JANE : $3.99

Our french toast is made with two thick slices of housemade bread hand dipped in vanilla bourbon batter & topped with:

PLAIN JANE : $4.49

BREAKFAST BURRITO : flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs + bacon + cheddar cheese  then topped with mole sauce & cumin sour cream. Served with your choice of  fried redskin potatoes or Wade’s Mill grits $8.99

THE STICKY PIG : two thick cuts of french toast stuffed with Hank's smoked pulled pork and drizzled with shiracha sauce and real maple syrup. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with fried redskin potatoes or grits $9.99

JIMMY BURRITO : flour tortilla stuffed with our famous country fried steak, scrambled eggs  + cheddar cheese and sauteed onions then topped with housemade bacon-sage gravy. Served with your choice of  fried redskin potatoes or Wade’s Mill grits $10.99

BISCUITS & GRAVY : two buttermilk biscuits topped with housemade sausage gravy with your choice of redskin potato hash or Wade’s Mill grits $7.99

GARBAGE PLATE : one buttermilk griddle cake topped with fried redskin potatoes and our housemade sausage gravy and one egg cooked your way $7.99

COUNTRY FRIED STEAK & EGGS : country fried steak & bacon sage gravy served with two eggs your way, a choice of redskin potato hash or Wade’s Mill grits & a housemade buttermilk biscuit or white or wheat toast $11.49

RACHAEL'S FAVORITE : fresh spinach, tomatoes, portable mushrooms, onions and peppers sauteed with three scrambled eggs and melted cheddar & served with fried potatoes or Wades Mill grits & buttermilk biscuit or white, wheat or rye toast $8.99 

Wade’s Mill grits $1.99 • fried redskin potatoes $1.99 • biscuit & gravy $2.50 • one egg $.99 • pancake $1.99
housemade country sausage $2.49 • Turner country ham $3.99 • bacon $1.99 • specialty pancake $2.49
fresh apple or orange $1.99 • housemade biscuit $.99 

fresh local roasted coffee • decaf $2.29
hot tea $1.99
hot chocolate $1.99
sweet tea • unsweet tea $1.99
Coke • Diet coke • Sprite • Mello Yello • Mr. Pibb $1.79
orange juice $2.89/large $1.69/small
apple juice $2.69/large $1.69/small
cranberry juice $2.69/large $1.69/small
tomato juice $2.69/large $1.69/small
milk $2.69/large$1.69/small
chocolate milk $2.89/large $1.69/small
housemade lemonade (one per order) $2.39
Dominion root beer float $4.99
Dominion root beer $2.99


SOUTHERN CHEESE DIP : warm and creamy cheese dip made with beer and spices and topped with bacon and served with tortilla chips $6.99

CHILI NACHOS : freshly fried tortilla chips topped with melted cheddar + our Skyline Chili + shredded lettuce + black bean salsa & cumin sour cream $8.99

FRIED GREEN TOMATO : three slices of green tomato gently fried then topped with our housemade pimento cheese & then drizzled with buttermilk bacon vinaigrette dressing $7.49

FRIED SHRIMP : 5 large shrimp golden fried  and tossed in buffalo sauce, served with bleu cheese and or ranch $7.99

CHEESE FRIES : smothered with melted cheddar and crumbled bacon $8.99
bacon sage gravy mushroom gravysausage gravy Skyline Chili


LOADED POTATO: topped with bacon and cheddar$4.99 bowl  $2.99 cup
SKYLINE CHILI : housemade chili with seasoned ground beef, black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes & chipotle peppers then garnished with cheddar cheese, cumin sour cream & tortiila chips $4.99 bowl • $2.99 cup

ROASTED TOMATO-GARLIC SOUP : a creamy southern classic $4.99 bowl$2.99 cup

HOUSE SALAD : mixed greens + cucumbers + tomatoes + red onions + crumbled bacon & cheddar $6.99
COBB SALAD : mixed greens + tomatoes + cucumbers + crumbled bacon + hard boiled eggs & bleu cheese $6.99
ADD : grilled chicken $3.99 • fried chicken tenders $3.99smoked turkey $3.99
ranch • southwest ranch • bleu cheese • buttermilk bacon • italian • honey mustard

All sandwiches are served with a side of french fries on a housemade kaiser bun, unless otherwise noted, with lettuce & tomato.
Mayonnaise available upon request.

PIGGYBACK : grilled chicken + bacon & ranch dressing $8.99

THE BLT : bacon + lettuce & tomato on your choice of white, wheat, or rye toast $6.99

HOT ROD : fried chicken breast + housemade buffalo sauce + bleu cheese dressing $8.99

RED NECK REUBEN : smoked turkey + swiss cheese + coleslaw & Thunderbird sauce on grilled rye bread $8.99

CARNEGIE REUBEN : thinly sliced corned beef + sauerkraut + swiss cheese & Thunderbird sauce on grilled rye bread $9.49

COUNTRY CLUB : Turner country ham + smoked turkey + bacon & cheddar on your choice of white, wheat, or rye toast $9.49

SMOKED PORK REUBAN  : Hank's pulled pork + cheddar + coleslaw + Thunderbird sauce on homemade rye bread $8.99

THE BELLA : marinated portobella mushroom + pepperjack + grilled peppers/onions + lemon-basil mayonaisse + bun $8.99

STEAK & CHEESE : slow roasted thinly sliced ribeye + grilled peppers/onions + mac and cheese + horsey sauce + bun $9.99

Each classic is served with your choice of two sides.

MAMA'S MEATLOAF : housemade meatloaf topped with mushroom gravy $10.99

FRIED CATFISH : two catfish filets gently fried & drizzled with southern remoulade 2 piece $10.99/ 3 piece $12.99

COCA-COLA PORK PLATE : Hank's famous hand pulled smoked pork tossed in our coca-cola bbq sauce $8.99

COUNTRY FRIED STEAK : made of hand cut sirloin and served with your choice of housemade bacon sage gravy or mushroom gravy $11.99

OPEN FACED TURKEY SANDWICH : slow roasted turkey served atop grilled texas toast and smothered in housemade turkey gravy $8.99

SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN : a boneless skinless chicken breast marinated in sweet tea, hand breaded, gently fried & topped with your choice of housemade bacon sage gravy or mushroom gravy $11.49

SHRIMP + GRITS + COLLARDS + TASSO : five large shrimp and house-made tasso served over Wade's Mill creamy grits and collards and ladled with southern brown gravy $10.99

french fries $1.99 smashed potatoes $1.99
cole slaw $1.99  fresh apple or orange $1.99
collard greens $1.99 mixed green salad $2.99
macaroni & cheese $1.99  green beans $1.99

Our 6 oz. burger patties are hand crafted from lean ground chuck, cooked your way, placed atop a housemade kaiser bun with lettuce, tomato, & red onion, and served with a side of french fries. Mayonnaise and pickles served upon request.

ORIGINAL :  $7.49

BACON CHEESEBURGER : cheddar cheese + bacon $8.99

MUSHROOM SWISS : portabella mushrooms + swiss cheese $8.99

SUNRISE : fried egg + bacon & basil-mayonaisse $8.99

PATTY MELT : swiss + grilled onions & Thunderbird sauce on grilled rye $8.99

THE PHILLY : creamy con queso + sauteed onions and peppers $9.49

THUNDERBURGER : double burger + cheddar cheese + Thunderbird sauce $12.99

SKYLINE CHILI DOG : 1/4 lb. all beef hot dog + our Skyline chili + shredded cheddar cheese + diced onoins $6.49

No separate checks for parties of eight or more.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, beef, fish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.



smirnoff vodka • housemade bloody mary mix